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So, ask yourself...

"What amazing frozen dessert can I make with a Soft Serve Machine?"

Soft serve machines are easy to use and great for businesses that want to offer a wide range of frozen desserts with a light and fluffy texture. There are many variations of soft serve machines on the market offering a wide number of flavors, capacities, feed systems, and cooling systems. “Soft Serve” can be anything that comes out of a soft serve machine. The flavor profiles and product possibilities are limitless, with some adjustments to your machine and slight changes to your recipes.

Here are a few suggestions:

Galliker’s Dairy 10% Mix in Vanilla and Chocolate.

These liquid mixes can be poured directly into your machine for a smooth treat. You can also add a variety of ice cream bases such as Butter Pecan, Cake Batter or Cheesecake. Dairy mixes need to be refrigerated and have a shelf life of 3-4 weeks. Any mix below 10% butterfat is not considered “ice cream” but rather just “soft serve” or “ice milk”. Dairy Queen, for example, does not call their product "ice cream", rather they refer to their product as "soft serve" since it is only 4 - 6% butterfat. Real 10% ice cream has a better “mouth feel” with more butterfat solids offering a better consumer experience. Real 10% ice cream has a better “mouth feel” with more butterfat solids offering a better consumer experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Correction to previous Blog post ...Plain does NOT come in 10%.

Italian Ice Bases and Flavors

In Philadelphia it’s called Water Ice, in New York it's Italian Ice, in Alabama it's Greek Ice, in Massachusetts it's Slush, in fancy restaurants it's sorbet. Whatever you call it, this cold, refreshing smoothly-icy treat is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Different regions in the United States demand different flavors. For example, Hispanic neighborhoods prefer Mango, Pineapple, & Coconut, while in New York certain areas claim Cherry, Blue Raspberry, & Lemon to be among their top flavors. Mango still seems to rank in the top 5 throughout the country. Know your area's favorites, but ALWAYS introduce exciting NEW flavors like CherryBerry, Blue Hawaii, and Kiwi-Strawberry-Banana to keep your customers coming back for more. No matter what flavor you choose, be sure to use a stabilizer to keep the ice crystals in check or the product will freeze completely and not extrude or be slushy and unappetizing.

Powdered Gelato Mix – Master Martini Lineo Gelato

Don't have a lot of freezer case space for tubs & trays? Who knew you can make & serve incredible gelato from a soft serve machine? Gelato is a frozen dessert that originated in Italy and is known for its intense flavors, artisan presentation and nutritional value. Gelato is creamier, smoother, silkier & denser than Ice Cream, but lower in Fat & Gluten-Free with Vegan alternatives. Rich chocolate or cream powdered bases can be mixed with water, dairy milk, almond or oat milk. Flavor pastes and variegates can transform these flavors into a multitude of creative flavor concoctions. A great way to offer a superior product with minimal intrusion in your work space.

Powdered Fruit Mix – FruttUP!

Frozen, fresh, & wholesomely fruity is what your customers crave. FruttUP! Is a complete powdered base that when mixed with water produces intensely flavored and refreshing fruit sorbets. Made with real fruit. Emulsifier Free. Vegan, Fat Free, Dairy Free, Gluten-Free. The market for dairy free, vegan and gluten free options is exploding. Be sure to provide your customers with a healthier option. FruttUP! comes in a variety of flavors such as Pineapple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon & more. A fabulous consistency right out of your soft serve machine! Regular sorbet products can't compete!

FruttUP! Powdered Fruit Mix PLUS Powdered Gelato Mix = “Sorbetlato” TM

Now here's a real show-stopper! Combine Gelato Mix with a FruttUP! Flavor of your choice for a whole new taste and texture sensation. Creamy, fruity, and more nutritious than ice cream with an incredible mouth-feel and satisfying texture and taste sensation. Be bold and unique and crush your competition with flavors that keep your customers returning for more. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, Lemon Cream, …etc.. Use your imagination!

PLEASE NOTE: Batch machines, also known as Ice cream machines, are better for making larger quantities of product. These machines are perfect for making tubs of hand dipped 12%, 14% or 16% ice cream, pans of gelato, custard, and sherbet.

The Benefits of Soft serve:

- Soft serve eats faster. More visits = more profit.

- Soft serve is faster for your employees to dish, cone, or make into shakes.

- Soft serve is always fresh. It hasn’t been sitting in a freezer case, glazing over.

- Soft serve has more air content or overrun, stretching your ingredients a bit further.

- Soft serve’s cost per ounce is lower than hand scooped ice cream.

- Soft serve can be used in conjunction with other products such as floats or gelatis, and can make Take-Out treats such as ice cream sandwiches and pre-packed sundaes for your freezer case.

So, analyze your market for popular flavor profiles. Get creative and put that soft serve machine to good use. Your menu will be more dynamic, your profits per serving will increase, and your customers will thank you!

Have a Happy Frozen Dessert Season!


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