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Gil's Ice Cream Supplies - Cups, Containers, Paper & Plastic Products

Gil's Wholesale Cups, containers, lids, Deli paper, napkins, spoons and straws.
Gil's Styrofoam cups and containers for ice cream and Italian Ice packaging
Gil's supplies Paper and plastic bags, napkins, tissue and Deli papers.
Gil's Wholesale plastic spoons, forks and knives.
Cups, containers and lids for beverages
Cow print Ice cream cups
Gil's supplies wholesale catering steam trays, sterno, take-out containers, plates, cups and cutlery.
Take-out containers

As a wholesale distributor, Gil’s Ice Cream Supplies in Glenolden PA, offers great prices on Paper and Plastic products
for Ice Cream, Italian Ice and Frozen Dessert serving, manufacturing, and packaging. 

We carry a full line of cups, containers, and lids, sundae and banana split bowls, To-Go containers, spoons, straws, Take-Out trays & carriers, napkins, towels, wraps, and tissue, paper & plastic plates, deli & wax papers, paper & plastic bags and more. 
DART, SOLO, ROPAC and other manufacturers.

Ask about our ENVIRONMENTALLY- FRIENDLY products!

Everything your business uses every day.

We also carry Cleaning Products and Sanitizers for you and your food processing equipment.

Check out the full line of paper and plastic products by Gil’s Ice Cream Supplies using the Product Guide link. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us. We can help!


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