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Gil's Wholesale carries I.Rice & Company Syrups

As a wholesale distributor, Gil's Ice Cream Supplies  offers a wide variety of Italian Ice, Slush and Ice Cream Flavors, Bases & Variegates from numerous vendors.

Additives & Stabilizers too!

"What is the difference between a Flavor and a Base?"

Ask the experts at Gil's Ice Cream Supplies!

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Great for Ice Cream, Italian Ice & Gelato

Clean-label natural and organic-certified flavors, extracts and colors.

Apple Cinnamon       Apricot

Blood Orange           Bourbon Whiskey

Butter Rum              Cantaloupe

Cranberry                Egg Nog

Ginger Bread           Grapefruit

Irish Cream             Hot Pepper

Pear                       Pumpkin Pie Spice

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Gil's Wholesale exclusive Olde City Gourmet Italian Ice Flavors

Set yourself apart from the competition with Gil's exclusive

OLDE CITY Flavors & Toppings TM 

Gourmet Italian Ice Bases.

Provide your customers with unique and popular flavors, such as "Candy Fish" and "Olde Fashioned Orange Cream" ...without the high cost of new product development.  If you have problems with your product consistency and scoopability, try our Exclusive OLDE CITY Smooth & Creamy TM  .  

Delicious Italian Ice Bases and flavors by Gil's Wholesale.

Italian Ice – What’s in a name?

Within the United States: in Philadelphia it’s called Italian Water Ice, in New York it's Italian Ice, in Alabama it's Greek Ice, in Massachusetts it's Slush, in fancy restaurants it's sorbet, in Amusement Parks it's Frozen Lemonade (even if its a different flavor).
There are 3 Tiers of Italian Ice:
1- Basic recipe PLUS fresh fruit.  Just throw frozen fruit into your batch machine with your other ingredients. You may also need to add an additional flavoring agent depending on the type of fruit used.
2 - Basic recipe using a Flavor Base. Bases provide more stability in the consistency of the final product, and are great for hard-to-produce flavors like the popular Mango.   
3 - Basic recipe using only an Extract or flavor Concentrate. Extracts are usually reserved for fruit flavors like Watermelon or Honey Dew, artificial flavors like Cotton Candy or Bubble Gum & Natural flavors like Mint or Basil.

Business Tip:  Different regions and countries demand different flavors. Know your customers before you turn on your batch freezers!

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