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Brady Marshmallow Gelato topping variegate & paste
Brady Marshmallow Gelato and ice cream
Black Kiss Licorice Gelato Topping, Variegate and paste
Black Kiss Licorice Gelato and Ice Cream
Signor Apple Strudel Gelato topping
Signor Strudel Gelato and ice creamTopping
bonjour croissant gelato and ice cream base
Bonjour Croissant gelato and ice cream
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Master Martini Gelato

Are your Soft Serve Machines and Batch Machines craving a new product?

Have an old under-used yogurt machine?

Now you can make gelato quick & easy using a shelf-stable powder base.
Ride the wave on a fast growing trend in the frozen dessert market!


"Gelato is a frozen dessert that originated in Italy and is known for its intense flavors, artisan presentation and nutritional value." 
Gelato is creamier, smoother, silkier & denser than Ice Cream. 

Lower in Fat & Gluten-Free with Vegan alternatives.

 FruttUP! Complete Fruit Bases  -
Made with real fruit. Emulsifier Free. Vegan, Fat Free, Milk Free, Gluten-Free. Pineapple, Watermelon, Green Apple, Lemon & more.

Cream & Rich Chocolate Powder Bases 

Intense Flavor Pastes - Pistachio, Hazelnut, Mint, Banana & more.
Variegates and Toppings - Wildberry, Cherry, Mandarin, Caramel & more.

Limitless flavor profiles from sweet & fruity, savory & satisfying, to rich & decadent.

Expand your business and set yourself apart from the competition! 
Call us today for more information! 

The Language of Gelato: 101


BASE:  The base is the starting point for gelato and sorbet. Different types of bases create different levels of creaminess, texture and blending of flavors. 

PASTES:  Gelato flavors are especially intense and are added to the gelato base in the form of a paste. 


Brunella is soft and creamy and can be poured into the gelato tray, used as a filling for alternating layers of ice cream, added as a variegate or used for decoration.
Stracciatella Cover is fluid at room temperature yet hardens at the temperature of ice cream. 
Pastes:  Fruit & other flavor pastes that can be used to create and/or decorate vibrant fruit gelato and sorbet flavors.
Variegates are ingredients that are mixed into or added to the top of ice cream to add flavor and texture.
Semifreddo Mirror Glazes are liquid covering glazes for gelato tubs, trays, mousses or a semi-frozen dessert such as a gelato cake.


Spatula:  A spatula or a spade is the preferred way to serve gelato.
Soft Serve Machine:  Mixes and blends the base with incorporated flavoring and produces delicious soft serve gelato.
Batch Freezer:  Quickly freezes the gelato mixture and incorporates air to control formation of small ice crystals.
Gelato Pans:  For storing and serving gelato. 
Blast Freezer:  The quick cool-down immediately after placing the gelato into pans prevents the formation of large ice crystals.

Display Case:  Provides an eye-appealing display and maintains the appropriate temperature for serving. 

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