Gil's Ice Cream Supplies - Welsh Farms Ice Cream Mix

Gil's Wholesale carries Welsh Farms Ice Cream Mix for a smoother, tastier product.
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Welsh Farms Ice Cream Mix

For Soft Serve and Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Manufacturers
10%, 12%, 14%, 16%​
Experience the delicious taste, texture & consistency of Welsh Farms vanilla, chocolate or plain Ice Cream Mix.
Not all Ice Cream Mixes are the same!
Don't settle for less - keep your customers coming back for more.

How do you make Ice Cream?

Do you want Quality Ice Cream production fast, simple and delicious? Don’t waste time beating eggs and sugar together and heating milk and cream.

Offer your customers a simple and delicious way to stay cool this season with easy to use Ice Cream Mix.  Simply pour into your Batch or Soft Serve machines to create delicious, creamy ice cream.


Add our special Ice Cream Flavors to your basic Mix to create unique and delicious taste sensations. Check out our crushed fruit, candy toppings and Mix-ins for more inspiration!

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* Please note:  Ice cream mixes are refrigerated products. Delivery exclusions apply.