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Create DIY Family Ice cream Socials.

Make Staying-In a Treat!

  Here’s What You Will Need:  

  • Paper or Plastic Containers & Lids  (Quart or Pint)

  • Portion control cups for pre-packaged toppings

  • Color Changing Spoons & Straws as a special treat

  • Paper or plastic Carry-out bags

  • Napkins

  Suggested DIY Sundae Kits:   “5 Cones-To-Go”  -     1 Qt. Ice cream, 5 cones of choice, portion cups of sprinkles “2 Cones-To-Go” –     1 Pt. Ice cream, 2 cones of choice, portion cups of sprinkles "Cookies & Dream” –  1 Qt. Ice cream, portion cups of cookie topping & chocolate sauce “Sundae Social” -        1 Qt. Ice cream, portion cups of choc chips, Reese Pieces, sprinkles,                                 & cookie dough “Cookie Dough” –       1 Qt. Ice cream, portion cups of cookie dough & choc sauce “Fruity Supreme” –     1 Qt. Ice cream, portion cup of strawberry, blueberry, or

other fruit toppings

“Ice Cream Sandwiches” -   Available in 3” Oreo, Choc Wafer, or Choc Chip Sandwich cookies.  Pre-pack in a 6-sandwich tray for easy Take-out  Don’t forget the cherry on top!

  Pre-packaged Italian Ice:  

  • Pre-pack in paper or plastic quarts, store & have ready to go.

  • Include microwave instructions so your customer can enjoy the slushy goodness at home. 

  • Our plastic containers can be microwaved for 1-2X for 30 seconds at Medium high.

  Tips & Suggestions for Success:  

  • Create your own DIY Sundae Kits.  Set your kit prices and allow an upcharge for the packaging.

  • Advertise on Social Media & on your websites so customers seeking Ice cream know you offer safe yet satisfying options to their cravings!

  • Offer Pre-pay with credit card for true curbside service & social distancing.

  • Portion your toppings ahead of time & have your quarts filled, stored & ready to go.

Call Gil’s today for more information.  610-237-6501

Gil's Ice Cream Supplies 320 W Oak Lane Glenolden PA 19036 610-237-6501 Gil's Ice Cream Supplies carries a huge selection of Ice cream, Gelato and Italian Ice supplies, paper & plastic products, cleaning & sanitizing supplies, candy, snacks and concession. With over 8,000 items, we pride ourselves on over 40 years of excellent service and product expertise. We deliver all over the world with our fleet of trucks and by common carrier. Ask about our convenient pick-up services. Free Customer Parking. One Stop Shopping for all of your business or organization needs. No membership required. * To protect our employees, ALL customers are required to wear PA State mandated masks when entering our building & follow proper social distancing guidelines. 


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