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Create “Selfie-Worthy” milkshakes to maximize your sales.

Monster milkshakes

1- Coat the top 2-3” of your cold glass in cake frosting or vanilla icing.

2- Roll in your favorite toppings

3- Blend your milkshake and pour into glass. Choose a flavor that will match your theme.

4- Add a scoop of ice cream or a tower or whipped cream and insert additional toppings such as whole cookies, a slice of cake, peanut butter cups, ice cream sandwich, candy or chocolate pretzels.

5- Add a straw or a spoon and watch the eyes of your customers light up with expectation.

Recommended flavors:

Monster Cookie, Peanut Butter Mash up, Birthday Cake Blitz, Cotton Candy Confection, Snack Time Frenzy.

Be sure to charge a Premium Price for these attention-getting shakes!

Gil's Ice Cream Supplies has everything you need for your ice cream, Italian ice & Frozen Dessert business including toppings, syrups, fudges, bases, cones, candy, & paper products. We have decades of experience & fast and easy delivery too!

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