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Gil's Concession- popcorn, cotton candy, sno-cones

Concession items are terrific in creating a fun & festive Carnival atmosphere for your

Fundraisers, Promotional Events, School Functions, Parties, and Business ventures.

1- Arrive at the event early. Solve any problems with equipment, supplies & personnel before the first customer arrives.

2- Use the right high quality equipment to produce consistent results. Equipment failures and burnt product equals lost sales potential.

3- Locate your booth in a high traffic area. Do your research to find the best events and venues to suit your product offerings.

4- Provide quality products using quality ingredients. Have the right products for the right event. Keep your customers coming back for more.

5- Do not overcharge for your products. If your prices are too high, people will not buy. Concession products are often impulse purchases. Keep your prices the same for all events.

6- Be sure your stand is clean & pleasing to the customer. Appearance is everything. Be sure that your space suits your requirements to cut down on the clutter and facilitate customer service.

7- Hire the right personnel if you can’t man the concession stand yourself. An extra pair of hands is most welcome during peak business times.

8- Make it fast! People do not like to stand in lines. Have Pre-bagged cotton candy and popcorn on-hand & produce more during slower traffic times.

9- Be friendly. Smile & say hello! Your customers will be more likely to return for further purchases.

10- Don’t run out of supplies.

Check out Gil's Wholesale for everything you need to run a successful Concession.

Popcorn - Kernels, Flavored Seasoning & Oils, Popcorn cups, Boxes & Bags

Cotton Candy - Flavored Floss Sugars, Bags, Paper Cones

Sno-Cones - Syrups, Bases, Cups, Cones, Spoons

Caramel & Candy Apples - Sticks, Caramel, EZE Red Candy Coating, Cello bags

Equipment - We are an Authorized Gold Medal Products Distributor

Gil's Wholesale has over 38 years of personalized service & product expertise.

We carry over 8000 items in product categories such as candy & snacks, paper products, ice cream & Italian Ice supplies, deli items, concession, janitorial supplies and more!

Contact us today:

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