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Winter Skiing

Many people think ice cream store owners take winter-long vacations.

Some do, but for the most part, surviving the winter months is a challenge.

One business owner rationalized staying open year round: “Ice cream is comfort food even though it's cold outside, & you have to pay for the rent whether you are open or closed anyway. Keep the business in the forefront of the neighborhood's mind. If a store is closed for a few months, customers will get used to driving past it and opt for the chain ice cream shop instead."

Here are a few Survival tips from The National Dipper:

1- Reduce Staff

2- Limit flavor selections

3- Create seasonal specific holiday flavors like pumpkin spice, apple cobbler, candy cane...

4- Reduce hours of operation

5- Sell cakes & pies

6- Wholesale ice cream to restaurants

7- Sell take-home pints & quarts

8- In-store events

9- Add chocolates, hot coffee,hot cocoa, hot apple cider or hot food to the menu

10- Add WiFI to your store

11- Sponsor a local team

12- Have school fund-raising events

13- Work a winter job

14- Sell Christmas trees

15- Plow snow

Ask your customers NOW what would keep them coming into your store during the winter months!

Gil's Ice Cream Supplies

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