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Powdered Gelato Mix

FruttUp Powdered Gelato

Mix. Learn to make 7 lowfat, gluten free desserts

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Welcome to Gil's "One Stop Shop" for Wholesale Ice Cream Supplies, Italian Ice Products and Gelato Supplies.

As a wholesale distributor since 1978, we buy from numerous vendors to provide our customers with a great selection of Ice Cream Supplies, Italian Ice Products, Gelato Supplies, ice cream mix, syrups, flavors, bases, toppings and cones.

Gil’s Ice Cream Supplies also carries paper and plastic products for the serving, manufacturing and packaging of frozen desserts, plus deli, concession & convenience store supplies. Now you don’t have to waste more of your valuable time and effort obtaining your cups, straws, spoons and containers elsewhere.

Give yourself a competitive edge!

Try our OLDE CITY Flavors & Toppings TM Gourmet Italian Ice Flavors such as Candy Fish and Olde Fashioned Orange Cream, for unique menu offerings without the cost of new product development. 

​If you want to add some excitement to your next event, check out our candy, snacks, bottled water, popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy concession too.

Gil’s Ice Cream Supplies

Over 40 years of personalized service and product expertise. 

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