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Master Martini Gelato

According to IBISWorld, two of the most important aspects for an Ice Cream & Gelato Store are: Having a clear market position and the production of premium goods. With this in mind, focus as a business owner should be on maximizing repeat business and attracting new customers with unique & quality products. Adding Gelato to your frozen dessert menu can help differentiate you from the competition and provide your customers with a distinctive and creative alternative to their frozen dessert cravings. Here are a few reasons why adding Master Martini Gelato to your ice cream or Italian Ice menu can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. (IBISWorld is a global business intelligence leader specializing in Industry Market Research)​

1. Gelato is the hottest trending & most demanded frozen dessert item in the U.S.A. The frozen

dessert industry is focusing on Gelato to boost its sales. Over the past five years,

consumers have driven up the demand for premium low-fat products from the entire frozen

dessert industry because of a rise in health consciousness. According to IBISWorld, the gelato

industry currently generates $2 billion in revenues annually. Forty-three per cent of consumers

purchased gelato last year.

2. With the decline in frozen yogurt sales, many businesses who made an investment in the

necessary equipment are finding that their machines are being underutilized or not used at all.

How about putting that underused yogurt machine to good use on the production of Gelato.

Variety is a key driver of frozen dessert sales.

3. Many businesses have limited refrigerated storage. Having a shelf stable product with a longer

shelf life frees up valuable space for ice cream mix, with no special handling by their employees

required. Master Martini Gelato Mix is Shelf Stable. No refrigeration necessary.

4. Gelato is lower in fat than ice cream & offers a great alternative to your health conscious

customers. With the current trend focusing on health consciousness, investing in a product that

can fill that niche in the market is key to maximizing consumer appeal...and your overall sales.

5. Master Martini Gelato is Gluten Free for customers with allergy issues. There is an increasing

demand for gluten free products across all product categories based on recent statistics. Offer

your customers a safe delicious alternative to other questionable frozen dessert products by

offering Gelato.

6. As with Gluten Free products, the request for Vegan products has increased dramatically over the

past few years. Vegan Gelato can be created simply & deliciously using Master Martini Gelato

products and recipes. Attract and keep new customers with a Vegan menu item.

7. Gelato offers limitless flavor profiles from sweet & fruity, savory & satisfying, to rich & decadent.

Every market, based on its demographics, favors certain flavors. Tailoring specialized and

exclusive flavors not only differentiates yourself from your competition, but allows you to solidify

your position and advantage in the market. The flavors are only limited by your imagination, and

the demands of your customers.

8. Master Martini Gelato Mix can be combined with Italian Ice Flavors & Bases for truly unique,

creamy & delicious flavors. The pairing of Italian Gelato with Italian Ice is a match made in heaven!

Customers are willing to pay more for an Italian Ice layered with Gelato, commonly referred to as a

Gelati. It is a cold, frosty and creamy treat with multiple flavor pairings available. Italian Ice Flavors

& Bases can also be incorporated into the processing of Gelato in a Batch Machine for a unique

consistency and a multitude of flavor profiles.

9. Gelato is versatile. Gelato can be dispensed from a soft serve machine or batched for

scooping. Due to its density, Gelato can be poured into a mold for frozen pops and

specialty treats, or made into Gelato cakes for special occasions.

10. Italian Gelato is viewed by consumers as "a taste of luxury" and are willing to pay more for a

scoop of Gelato versus a scoop of ice cream. Gelato is served in smaller portion sizes as a

richer, premium product. Consumers get more satisfaction from a spoonful of gelato…and they

need less to get that indulgent hit. Less product portioned, means more portions to sell per

batch, yielding more profits per batch.

11. Gelato has already proven to be a delicious (and profitable) business investment. Experience the

taste of Italy and say "buongiorno" to a successful frozen dessert season!

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