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Attention Ice Cream & Italian Ice Stores: Be Prepared. Don't let your profits melt before they begin.

Read Gil's Wholesale's helpful hints below

Ice cream by Gil's Wholesale

to make THIS season, your BEST season!

1- Check the operation of all of your equipment including Batch Freezers & Soft- Serve machines to allow time for repairs. Is this the season you need to invest in new equipment for the maximum yield of quality ice cream or Italian Ice?

2- Ensure your Ice Cream Mix, paper products, cones, sugar, toppings, bases and syrups are always in stock throughout the season. Don't have too many suppliers for your products. When you spread your ordering over too many suppliers, your business won't be as important to any of them. Become a key account by sticking with 1 or 2 suppliers so emergency fill-in orders and special items you may need become important to them as well.

3- Research the competition in your area. Now is the time to plan on what will give you a competitive edge. Is your signage attractive and highly visible? Is your menu board colorful, creative and filled with unique items your competitor does not have? Check out the latest trends and flavors by attending a Spring Ice Cream or Italian Ice Trade Show.

4- Develop a plan to advertise. You may know what you sell and the location of your business, but no one else does. Take out an ad in your local newspaper, sponsor a Little League Baseball Team, make flyers, host a school fund-raiser night, or develop an account on social media.

5- Staff your business with smiling happy people with good work ethics. A little smile and good social skills goes a long way to creating repeat customers. It also makes your life easier!

6- Clean up and freshen up your store with a new coat of paint or just some good "elbow grease". This will probably be the only chance all season that you will have to make a good impression on your first and hopefully, repeat customers.

7- Update your menu offerings to attract new customers. Check out Gil's exclusive OLDE CITY brand Gourmet Italian Ice Flavors, featuring highly demanded flavors such as Candy Fish, Blue Hawaii, Margarita, and Old Fashioned Orange Cream Base.

If you are having problems with Italian Ice breaking down and melting too soon, try our Exclusive OLDE CITY Smooth & Creamy Ice Base. Don't waste money on bad batches of product.

8- Check out Gil's Wholesale Business Consulting Service. Proven advice from leading experts for all facets of your business. Invest a little now to save you time & money later.

Gil's Wholesale stocks a huge selection of syrups & bases to make your own Italian Ice, including a gourmet private label line for unique flavors without the cost of new product development.

We also carry a huge selection of Ice Cream Mix, waffle and cake cones, sprinkles, crushed fruit and candy toppings, chocolate and peanut butter syrups, flavored bases, nuts, cherries, spoons, and all of the paper products you will ever need to run a successful Ice Cream or Italian Ice business.

Gil's Wholesale - 40 Years of Personal Service & Product Expertise

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