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Little League Baseball Team

Don't Strike Out on your money-making opportunity!

Follow these Tips for a successful Snack Concession:

1- Find out what products are most desired by your Leagues. Do your players & spectators like simple grab-n-go snacks such as bags of chips, pretzels & candy? Do they also enjoy more hearty options such as "Walking Tacos" & hot dogs?

2- Ensure your equipment is operating properly. Warm bottles of water are not a big seller on a hot day, and cold hot dogs are not enjoyable...ever.

3- Feature high quality products. Keep customers coming back for more.

4- Keep your prices reasonable. High enough to cover your costs with a nice profit margin, but low enough to attract consistent purchasing.

5- Ensure you have the right staff. Greet your customers with a smile. Friendliness will go a long way, especially for a team running behind on the scoreboard.

6- Never run out of supplies or product. Lost sales opportunities feel like a "no-hitter" on a drizzly day!

7- Never, ever forget the Bubble Gum!

Check out Gil's Wholesale's huge assortment of Snack Concession items: Big League Chew Bubble Gum, Dubble Bubble, Skittles, Snickers, M&M’s, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Mrs. Field's Cookies, Chips-A-Hoy, Oreos, Snackwells, Popcorn, Cotton Candy...and the list goes on…We also supply bottled WATER by the case and 5-Hour Energy for those thirsty players and spectators!

Gil's Wholesale Distributors carries over 8000 items in various product categories including:

Candy, Snacks, Concession, Paper Products, Cleaning Supplies, Ice Cream, Italian Ice & Frozen Dessert manufacturing supplies, Automotive...etc.

Stop in and see how we can help your organization run the bases this year!

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